There are many destinations easily accessible from our hotel, destinations of great interest, scenic, cultural and relaxing. Among these there mention indicating the distance from us:

Coal Museum 2 Km
Great Serbariu Mine 2 Km
Paleontologic and Speleologic Museum 3 Km
Villa Sulcis Archeologic Museum 3 Km
Central Theater3 Km
Archaeological Phoenician-Punic settlement of Monte Sirai 4 Km
Cathedral of Saint Mary of Montserrat (Tratalias) 8 Km
Menhir Su Para e Sa Mongia (Sant'Antioco) 8 Km
Tophet Phoenician-Punic (Sant'Antioco) 9 Km
Forte Sabaudo Su Pisu (Sant'Antioco) 10 Km
Bisso Museum (Sant'Antioco) 10 Km
Catacombs (Sant'Antioco) 10 Km
Basilica of Sant 'Antioco Martyr 10 Km